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Post 0143 Methow Valley

P. O. Box 843, Twisp, WA 98856

(509) 997-5322

(509) 997-5838

Methow Valley Post 0143"In the Name of Freedom, We Hang Our Flags High"Methow Valley Post 0143

Methow Valley Post 0143 News

October 20, 2014

National Commander, Department of Washington State Commander, District 9 Commander and Methow Valley Post 0143 Commander ALL gather at Brewster American Legion for Meeting.

Methow Valley Post 0143 Commander attends meeting at Brewster with National Commander, Department of Washington State Commander and District 9 Commander.


National Commander

Our Hall is quietly settled next to the Methow River at 626 Bridge Street in
Twisp, Washington.

We are an assembly of War Era Veterans dedicated to Serving our Methow Valley Communities, hoping to help build a
world without war.

For even if war is deemed necessary, it is more essential to build a place of peace to give our Children, setting the example for future generations to come.

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